21 July 2018

Peacock Petals Shawl

For my birthday this year, I splurged on some gorgeous gradient yarn from Melodyy by Wolltraum. One of the yarns in particular had this beautiful gradient from orange to pink making me think of flowers like dahlias and daisies. So, I set out to create a shawl that looked like a flower with its expanding petals. In the end, my "petals" look more like peacock feathers, but I love it anyways!

08 May 2018

Flowers for Mother's Day

Looking for a last minute easy project to crochet for Mother's Day?
Why not stitch your mother's favorite flower?
Here is a selection of free crochet flower patterns that I have made for the mothers in my life.

13 April 2018

Honeycomb Basketweave Blanket

A few months ago, I started making this blanket. I found myself staring at a plastic box that I put my son's toys in trying to figure out the pattern on it. It was a basketweave pattern but with three strands woven together instead of just 2 in a traditional basketweave. I knew I just had to find a way to recreate it in crochet.

Honeycomb Basketweave Videos

Here are videos showing how to stitch the Honeycomb Basketweave pattern.

03 March 2018

Celtic Heart Square

Perfect for the upcoming holidays, St. Patrick's day and Easter, here is a new free Celitc knot square crochet pattern to try. I have designed this square as a simpler pattern to introduce this method of crocheting Celtic knots to you. It even includes a video!

19 January 2018

Snowflake 2

Here is the second snowflake pattern that I created for my mother-in-law's January curriculum in her preschool classroom.

Snowflake 1

Recently my mother-in-law requested a few snowflakes for the January curriculum in her preschool classroom.

After making a number of free patterns, I decided to take a stab at making my own.