21 May 2014

Spring Hat

I have found that there are two types of weather days in Denmark: bright and sunny and gorgeous or spittering sprinkling rain all day. In either case, I found myself wanting a wide brimmed hat and came up with this. It is slightly tapered in the front to better contour your head and shade your eyes.

I embellished the hat with a simple green ribbon and a dogwood flower and leaves. You could easily substitute any flower you like!

The hat was made with 2 strands of cotton fingering weight yarn and a 3.5 (E) mm hook. The hat comfortably fits a 22 inch (56 cm). I have noted which rows should be altered to change sizes.

Gauge for sizing this pattern: 8 sc in 8 rows makes a 2 inch square.

In this pattern: 2 sc = 2 sc in the next st
   sc 2 = sc in each of the next 2 sts

Row 1:  Ch 5, 3 sc in 2nd ch from hook (the Skinny End of the hat), sc 2, 5 sc in the last ch (the Fat End of the hat, continue on other side of foundation ch, sc 2 (Fig. 1). (12 sts around)
Row 2:  2 sc in the next 3 sts, sc 2, 2 sc in the next 5 sts, sc 2.
Row 3:  [Sc, 2 sc] repeat 3 times, sc 2, [sc, 2 sc] repeat 5 times, sc 2.
   Note: This is the first time I use a shorthand where "2 sc" means "2 sc in the same stitch" See disclaimer above.
Row 4:  [2 sc, sc 2] repeat 3 times, sc 2, [2 sc, sc 2] repeat 5 times, sc 2.
Row 5:  Sc 36.
Row 6:  [Sc 3, 2 sc] repeat 3 times, sc 2, [sc 3, 2 sc] repeat 5 times, sc 2.
Row 7:  [2 sc, sc 4] repeat 3 times, sc 2, [2 sc, sc 4] repeat 5 times, sc 2.
Row 8:  [Sc 5, 2 sc] repeat 3 times, sc 2, [sc 5, 2 sc] repeat 5 times, sc 2.
Row 9:  [2 sc, sc 6] repeat 3 times, sc 2, [2 sc, sc 6] repeat 5 times, sc 2.
Row 10:  Sc 68.
Row 11:  [Sc 7, 2 sc] repeat 3 times, sc 2, [sc 7, 2 sc] repeat 5 times, sc 2.
Row 12:  Sc 76.
Row 13:  [2 sc, sc 8] repeat 3 times, sc 2, [2 sc, sc 8] repeat 5 times, sc 2.
Row 14:  Sc 84.
Row 15:  [Sc 13, 2 sc] repeat 6 times.

   Note: To make the hat smaller, omit Row 15.
      To make the hat larger, add a row: [Sc 14, 2 sc] repeat 6 times.

   From here on out, follow the pattern as written for all sizes. Place a stitch marker at the beginning of each row and crochet to the marker. The number of repeats for larger or smaller sizes will increase or decrease respectively.

Row 16-25:  Sc 90.
Row 25:  [Sc 14, 2 sc] repeat 6 times.
Row 26-27:  Sc 96.
Row 28:  [Sc 11, 2 sc] repeat 8 times.
Row 29-30:  Sc 104. Mark Row 29

   If you are making a larger or smaller hat, make note of the number of stitches in Row 30. This is the number of stitches needed for the starting chain of the band below.

   Note:This is where the brim of the hat begins. The hdc half of the next round should line up with the Skinny End of the hat from Row 1.

Row 31:  [Hdc 9, 2 hdc] repeat 5 times, sc 2, [sc 9, 2 sc] repeat 5 times, sc 2.
Row 32:  Hdc 55, sc 59.
Row 33:  [2 hdc, hdc 10] repeat 5 times, sc 2, [2 sc, sc 10] repeat 5 times, sc 2.
Row 34:  Hdc 60, sc 64.
Row 35:  [Hdc 11, 2 hdc] repeat 5 times, sc 2, [sc 11, 2 sc] repeat 5 times, sc 2.
Row 36:  Hdc 65, sc 69.
Row 37:  [2 hdc, hdc 12] repeat 5 times, sc 2, [2 sc, sc 12] repeat 5 times, sc 2.
Row 38:  Hdc 70, sc 74.
Row 39:  [Hdc 13, 2 hdc] repeat 5 times, sc 2, [sc 13, 2 sc] repeat 5 times, sc 2.
Row 40:  Hdc 75, sc 79.
Row 41:  Sc 154, sl st 2.
   Tie off. Weave ends in.

Row 1:  Leave a long tail for sewing. Ch 104, sl st to form a ring.
Row 2:  Sc 104.
Row 3:  Sc 104, sl st 2.
   Tie off. Leave long ends to sew the band onto the hat at Row 29 (marked). I found that the band doesn't look right unless it is sewn in at least 6 evenly spaced locations around the hat.

   Block the brim of the hat by carefully wetting it in a sink. Brace the hat over a bowl, stretch out the brim and pin to a foam board or mattress until dry.

   A little side note: In this pattern I alternate increasing at the beginning of a repeat and increasing at the end of a repeat sequence. This staggers the repeats and prevents the obvious line of symmetry that is made if increases are always on top of each other.

I hope you enjoyed this free crochet pattern!

Fig. 1:   Starting round of stitches.

Fig. 2:   Hat before blocking.

Fig. 3:   Hat after blocking.

Fig. 4:   Hat with flower embellishment.


  1. Elegant, well made and cleverly designed. I love discovering your patterns.

  2. What a beautiful design! Thank you!

  3. Love the hat! Thank you so much for sharing!

  4. What a lovely, terrific hat! Thank you very much! :)
    Lee Ann

    Crochet...Gotta Love It! Blog:
    YouTube Channel:
    #crochetgottaloveit #crochet

  5. You are an angel for sharing this wonderful hat design with the rest of us crocheters! I'll be starting one ASAP!! :-D

  6. Love this hat. Very cute and practical. I was wondering if you had a pattern for the flower that is on the background behind your posts. It is really pretty too.

  7. Jennifer, the flower in the background is my lotus flower. You can find the pattern here.

  8. Por favor necesitaría que traduzcan las abreviaturas de los diferentes puntos de chrochet, ya que no entiendo como hacer el sombrero gris que está hermoso.Gracias espero pronta respuesta

  9. necesito que traduzcan las abreviaturas de los difernetes puntos que se utilizan para realizar el sombrero gris, en español. Gracias y espero respuesta

  10. Monona, se puede encontrar una traducción detallada de puntos aquí, pero brevemente:
    chain stitch = ch = cadaneta
    slip stitch = sl st = cadaneta/punto enano
    single crochet = sc = punto bajo
    half double crochet = hdc = medio punto alto

    1. PM
      Hola Suvi, fijate que entiendo el inglés pero no entiendo la explicación del Row 1... ¿podrías explicarlo? Es que hago la cadeneta de 5, luego hago 3 puntos bajos en la segunda cadeneta y luego me parece que es un punto bajo en las siguientes dos cadenetas... ¿está bien? Y luego lo que sigue me pierdo porque sólo me queda una cadeneta... Completamente perdida.

    2. Se refiere a vuelta 1 row 1 vuelta

  11. Perdón soy principiante. Need more explanation, please!

  12. Hi Suvi. You're a genius! Thank you for sharing so many beautiful patterns.

  13. Ariatna, I have added a picture to show the first row. You are crocheting around the starting chain (on both sides) to create an oval shape.

    Usted está crocheting alrededor de la cadena de arranque (en ambos lados) para crear una forma ovalada.

  14. I am so glad I came across this pattern - and the hat from where I came as I was thinking of crocheting a hat for myself!

    Thank you for sharing the pattern

  15. Hi Sufi I love your hat but unfortunately when I was crocheting it, it dint turn out anything like the photo. For some reason it didn't turn down and was more like a flat cap. Such a pity because it would have been lovely in the wool I was using "Bonita Ethnic" Lanoso

  16. Jennifer, The yarn you chose should work. It's the right weight/thickness. Did you work with 2 strands together? The pattern needs two strands to give a little stiffness to the stitches so that it holds its shape.

  17. Can you use a different yarn?

  18. Just thought of another question...How much yarn did you use?

  19. Sgel, Yes, you can use different yarn. The key is to use two strands of the same yarn together to give the hat stiffness. Without this, the hat would be just another floppy hat.

    I used two skeins of a thin cotton yarn available here in Denmark, plus a little extra for the band and flower. Here is a picture. Each skein is 50g (1.75oz) and 160m (175yds).

  20. Oh I just found this and love it! I have some cotton yarn I'd like to use, but it's sugar n' cream brand, and a "medium" weight yarn (US). Would you just use one strand, or still double that up?

  21. Tanya, Sugar n' Cream is a great choice of yarn in the US. It is a little thicker than the yarn I use, so your gauge may be off. If you don't use 2 strands together, then the hat will be rather floppy and won't hold any shape. The brim may curl too.

  22. Thank you for for sharing this wonderful hat design with the rest of us crocheters! You have a wonder gift thanks again.

  23. Hola Savi nos podrias poner un video paso a paso incluyendo la banda verde al rededor del sombrero te lo agradeceriamos :-)

  24. Love the hat, made it, now I need to block it. Where would I find a hat form similar to the one in the photos?

    1. Hello Madeline. I am glad that you like the hat.
      I did not use a hat form to block the hat. I found a bowl that has about the same circumference as my head, but was about 1 inch shorter than the height of the hat. I wet the hat, stretched it out over the bowl, and pinned the brim flat on my blocking board. Then, I shaped the top of the hat to look like the pictures above and let it dry.

  25. what is the color called im like color blind was going to use knitpick but if you no the color that would be great

    1. Hello Faith,

      I used a yarn available only in Scandinavia (Anna og Claras, 100% cotton, 50g=160m). The hat is a meduim grey color with a spring green band and a white flower.

      In Knitpicks yarns, "Comfy Fingering" yarn in whisker for the hat, peapod for the band and leaf, and white for the flower will be the closest color matches.

  26. wow, danke für den tuto.ganz toll.

    gr. meggi

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  28. Love this!! It's both pretty and practical, my favorite combination!

  29. Que maravilla este patrón que nos compartes. Gracias. Lo voy a probar y comparto el resultado.

  30. Hi, I started this beautiful hat and it's to small. I used a 3,5 mm hook, double yarn and when I made the gauge I get a 1 inch square?? Or is it a hat for babies? :-)
    What am I doing wrong?
    thanx in advance

    1. Hello Patricia,
      The hat is supposed to be adult sized. Try increasing the hook size until you reach gauge. Perhaps, the yarn I used is also thicker than yours.

    2. thank you, I just tried to double the chains and rows, I think it's going to work that way ;-)

      Thank you so much for the pattern, really cute hat :-)

  31. thank you for sharing your pattern, this is very useful for me. Thank you..

  32. Beautiful! Can't wait to try and make one. Thank you so much!

  33. Wonderful pattern and just what I was looking for! A friend from church is going through chemo treatments; she is a stylish lady indeed. I wanted a special pattern, something with a little more "umff" than the conventional cancer cap. This pattern fits the bill!