12 December 2014

Over 1km of yarn, frogged and rolled into a ball

Sometimes despite having the best intentions, life gets in the way and slows everything down. I have been absent after a slew of events: out of town visitors, travel, and sickness.

Then, I started designing a winter cloak, while I was sick (bad idea!), and had to frog the whole thing because it just wasn't sitting right. So here are all 1100m of wool yarn rolled into one giant ball.

18 August 2014

Book of Kells - Small Celtic Cables

There are many different types of braided columns in the Book of Kells. You can almost follow the progress of the artist's mood or perhaps different artists through the pages. This pattern for small closed cables are a little different than most found in the manusctipt.

The pieces are designed to be modular so you can customize your piece with different length horizontal and vertical segments.

Book of Kells - Large Celtic Cables

The Book of Kells is full of inspiring Celtic knots. I couldn't resist translating a few more into crochet patterns. Here are some large columns or cables that would make a wonderful edging to a blanket.

The pieces are designed to be modular so you can choose how many horizontal and vertical segments to add to make the edging your own.

01 August 2014

Book of Kells - Celtic Square Knot

Celtic knots have always intrigued me. Ever since I made the open Celitc knot square, I have been mulling around with the idea of making a solid knot using something like cabling found in Knitting. With a little experimenting, I found a technique of using relief stitches (front-post dc, tc, and dtc) worked over rows of sc to create a similar look. In fact, I think it works better than knitted cables in capturing the essence of the Celtic knot.

For my inspiration, I went directly to source: the Book of Kells online from Trinity College Dublin. I found many gorgeous examples of intricately woven knots among the pages of the illuminated manuscript, and settled on this corner motif for my first Book of Kells pattern.

10 July 2014

Art Deco Sunburst Shawl

Until this week, summer here in Denmark has been rather cool, much colder than I am used to from California. I started making this shawl when the weather started to turn nice, but evenings were still too cool to wear sleeveless tops and dresses.

The pattern is based off the stained glass window in the council chambers of the Buffalo City Hall in New York. I have always been drawn to the geometric representations of nature in art deco designs. The sunburst of this stained glass window seemed like the perfect inspiration to adapt into a crochet design.

17 June 2014

Sunflower Pillow and a Squared Circle

My sister has been asking for me to make her a mustard yellow blanket for some time now. Unfortunately, I live in Denmark and she lives in Texas. Shipping is exorbitantly expensive from Denmark, so a blanket is not feasible until I move back to the States. Recently, I came upon this beautiful crocodile stitch flower square and thought it would make the perfect sunflower square decorative pillow. Sunflowers are her favorite flower!

Now, to turn this square into a pillow, I needed a solid square for the back. I get bored really easily if I have to do the same stitch over and over, row after row. I think I made about 2 inches of alternating sc and dc rows before I gave up. I was dropping stitches every couple rows and just not having fun. It was like I was a beginning crocheter all over again!

I set out to design a more interesting solid 12 inch square. In keeping with the overall shape of the front of the pillow, I decided to make a circle in a square with some texture in the rounds to keep it interesting. And so, I present my squared circle pattern.

13 June 2014

Skinny Tie

Father's Day is a couple days away. Here is a simple necktie for your favorite dad. It's shape is based off of a vintage skinny tie from my husband's collection.

The necktie was made with fingering weight cotton yarn and a 2.5 mm hook. It can be made with any yarn but will look best in a non-fuzzy yarn. It looks really elegant made in a twisted silk yarn.

The tie is 64 inches long. The widest point of the blade is 3 inches and the tail is 1 inch wide.

21 May 2014

Spring Hat

I have found that there are two types of weather days in Denmark: bright and sunny and gorgeous or spittering sprinkling rain all day. In either case, I found myself wanting a wide brimmed hat and came up with this. It is slightly tapered in the front to better contour your head and shade your eyes.

I embellished the hat with a simple green ribbon and a dogwood flower and leaves. You could easily substitute any flower you like!

The hat was made with 2 strands of cotton fingering weight yarn and a 3.5 (E) mm hook. The hat comfortably fits a 22 inch (56 cm). I have noted which rows should be altered to change sizes.

11 May 2014


For my final Mother's Day flower, I have a blue bachelor button or cornflower for my mom. This is her favorite flower. I remember growing it as a kid and wondering at its beautiful blue color. Happy Mother's Day, aiti!

The flowers have about a 2 inch diameter and are 1.5 inches tall when made with cotton 4-ply yarn and a 2mm hook. The flower is about 5 inches tall with the stem.

    10 May 2014

    Gardenia Flower and Leaf

    For my second Mother's Day flower, I have a gardenia for my mother in law. She taught me how to crochet and encouraged me with books and inspiration.

    The flowers have about a 3 inch diameter and are 0.75 inches tall when made with cotton 4-ply yarn and a 2mm hook. The leaves are about 3 inches long and 1.5 inches wide.

      09 May 2014

      Dogwood Flower and Leaf

      Mother's Day is coming up, and to celebrate I am working on a series of flower for the mothers in my life. My first flower is dogwood for my best friend who is a mother to two of the most adorable little girls ever (no, I'm not biased or anything...).

      The flowers have about a 2.5 inch diameter when made with cotton 4-ply yarn and a 2mm hook. The leaves are about 3 inches long and 1.5 inches wide.

        30 April 2014

        Young Orchid Flower, Buds, and Branches

        When I crochet something from nature, I like to make it as realistic as possible. I rarely see a single orchid flower on a stem with a single leaf. So, to complete your Phaleonopsis orchid project, here are a young, newly opening orchid flower and two flower buds that are still developing, and a pattern to attach all the pieces together on a branch.

        Here is the pattern for the Mature Orchid Flower.
        Here is the pattern for the Orchid Leaf.

          25 April 2014

          Aloha April!

          My first winter and spring here in Denmark have been rather dark, gloomy, cold, and wet. I am a California girl, so these overcast days were really starting to get me down. Three weeks in a row without sunshine is just wrong!

          Then, the Reddit Crochet group announced an Aloha April crochet contest and memories of warm tropical vacations filled my mind. I can still smell the plumerias on the ocean breeze. For the contest, you could use 200g of any yarn to make anything you want. The only requirements were to keep the community up to date on your project. The flowers I have posted recently were conceived as part of my submission to the Aloha April contest.

          23 April 2014


          One more addition to my tropical flowers series. This yellow Phaleonopsis orchid makes me smile. It is inspired by a native orchid of Hawaii.

          The flowers are about 4 inches x 3 inches with a 1 inch "tongue" when made with cotton 4-ply yarn and a 2mm hook.

          Orchid Leaf

          An orchid leaf to go along with your Phaleonopsis orchid flower.

          Using fingering-weight cotton yarn and a 2mm hook, the leaf measures 6.5 inches long and 3.75 inches wide.

          Here is the pattern for the Orchid Flower.

            12 April 2014

            Lotus Flower

            Spring is here! Flowers are just starting to bloom and making me dream of more tropical places. Here is a Lotus pattern to brighten your room.

            The flowers are about 4 inches in diameter and 1 inch tall when made with cotton 4-ply cotton yarn and a 2mm hook.

              The Lotus pattern consists of three main parts: the Foundation, the Petals, and the Center.

              Lotus Leaf

              A lotus leaf to go along with your lotus flower. Sewn together, they make a wonderful coaster for a tea cup and saucer.

              This leaf is made in the round. Using 4-ply cotton yarn and a 2mm hook, the leaf measures 8 inches in diameter.

              02 April 2014


              A Beautiful plumeria to brighten your day.

              Spring is coming! While it is a little dark here, I can see flowers blooming and am anxiously awaiting warmer days. This plumeria reminds me of a trip to Hawaii that my husband and I took last year.

              The pattern is based on this Russian flower and diagram that has been floating around Pinterest for years. I have transcribed it into a written pattern and with a little more explanation. I hope you enjoy it as much as me!

              Plumeria Leaf

              A plumeria leaf to go along with your plumeria flower. Sewn together, they make a perfect "doily" for a candle.

              Using 4-ply cotton yarn and a 2mm hook, the leaf measures 11 inches long (including stem) and 4 inches wide.

              17 March 2014

              Celtic Knot motif

              Celtic Knot Trivet

              This is a little diversion from my normal amigurumi projects. I have been inspired by flat appliques and square motifs lately.

              Since today is St. Patty's Day, I wrote a pattern to make a Celtic Knot trivet or granny square. If you plan to use it as a trivet, I recommend making it out of cotton yarn (something that won't melt!). I made this with 4-ply cotton yarn and a size E (3.5mm) hook. It measures 7 inches unblocked.

                07 March 2014

                Baby Amanita Mushroom

                Here is a cute little mushroom.

                This shows you how to expand upon the semicircle to create different shapes with simple increases and decreases. It also introduces two new techniques: crocheting in the back loops only (to create a ridge for texture or a sharp corner in the pattern like we have here to create the gills on the mushroom cap) and the magic ring (to create a closed loop of sc to begin our pattern).

                My final mushroom is about 3 inches tall and 2 inches wide, made with cotton yarn and a 3mm hook.

                21 February 2014

                Valentine's Day Heart

                Here is a great beginner's amigurumi project for your love.

                This shows you how to combine small features (like a semi-circle) together to make a larger more ornate object.

                Once you get the hang of it, these are really easy to make! I can make one in about 15 minutes. It's a great use of all those bits of yarn leftover from other projects and perfect for today!