17 March 2014

Celtic Knot motif

Celtic Knot Trivet

This is a little diversion from my normal amigurumi projects. I have been inspired by flat appliques and square motifs lately.

Since today is St. Patty's Day, I wrote a pattern to make a Celtic Knot trivet or granny square. If you plan to use it as a trivet, I recommend making it out of cotton yarn (something that won't melt!). I made this with 4-ply cotton yarn and a size E (3.5mm) hook. It measures 7 inches unblocked.

    07 March 2014

    Baby Amanita Mushroom

    Here is a cute little mushroom.

    This shows you how to expand upon the semicircle to create different shapes with simple increases and decreases. It also introduces two new techniques: crocheting in the back loops only (to create a ridge for texture or a sharp corner in the pattern like we have here to create the gills on the mushroom cap) and the magic ring (to create a closed loop of sc to begin our pattern).

    My final mushroom is about 3 inches tall and 2 inches wide, made with cotton yarn and a 3mm hook.