17 June 2014

Sunflower Pillow and a Squared Circle

My sister has been asking for me to make her a mustard yellow blanket for some time now. Unfortunately, I live in Denmark and she lives in Texas. Shipping is exorbitantly expensive from Denmark, so a blanket is not feasible until I move back to the States. Recently, I came upon this beautiful crocodile stitch flower square and thought it would make the perfect sunflower square decorative pillow. Sunflowers are her favorite flower!

Now, to turn this square into a pillow, I needed a solid square for the back. I get bored really easily if I have to do the same stitch over and over, row after row. I think I made about 2 inches of alternating sc and dc rows before I gave up. I was dropping stitches every couple rows and just not having fun. It was like I was a beginning crocheter all over again!

I set out to design a more interesting solid 12 inch square. In keeping with the overall shape of the front of the pillow, I decided to make a circle in a square with some texture in the rounds to keep it interesting. And so, I present my squared circle pattern.

13 June 2014

Skinny Tie

Father's Day is a couple days away. Here is a simple necktie for your favorite dad. It's shape is based off of a vintage skinny tie from my husband's collection.

The necktie was made with fingering weight cotton yarn and a 2.5 mm hook. It can be made with any yarn but will look best in a non-fuzzy yarn. It looks really elegant made in a twisted silk yarn.

The tie is 64 inches long. The widest point of the blade is 3 inches and the tail is 1 inch wide.