08 June 2015

Quarter Sunflower Pincushion

My husband has been irritated with me leaving pins about when I block projects, so I created this little sunflower pin cushion! It was inspired by the pillow I made for my sister.

I used fingering-weight cotton yarn and a 2mm hook. The finished size is 3.5 inches square.

If you use a larger 5.5mm hook and worsted weight yarn, it would be perfect for a small throw pillow!

I split the pattern for the front of the sunflower square and the back of the sunflower squares for ease of reading.

Here is the pattern for the

Front of the Sunflower

Here is the pattern for the

Back of the Sunflower

Pillow fill:
   I made my own pillow by cutting a 4.5 inch x 8 inch piece of scrap fabric. Since my squares blocked to 3.5 inches, I gave myself 1/2 inch of seam allowance. I folded the fabric in half and sewed up two sides, flipped the pillow inside out, and ironed creases into the 3rd side to make final sewing easier.
   Then, I sewed the 3rd side halfway and very close to the ironed crease, stuffed the pillow as full as I could since I'm making a pin cushion,and finished sewing the side shut.

Constructing the Pillow:
   Connect the two squares with a border of single crochet in white.

   Place 4 sc in the side of each tc, 3 sc in the side of each dc and 1 sc in the side of each sc, pushing the hook through both squares at the same time to draw up a loop. Sometimes you may want to more securely close the square by pulling up a loop through part of a petal as well as the foundation dc/tc.
   Stitch [sc, hdc, sc] in each corner stitch to give pointy right angle corners.

I hope you enjoyed this free crochet pincushion pillow pattern!

Fig. 1:   Front of my corner Sunflower pincushion.

Fig. 2:   Back of my corner Sunflower pincushion.

Fig. 3:   Front and Back to my pincushion with pillow insert.