11 December 2016

Baby Newsboy Cap

I have been a little disappointed with the hats available for boys at baby clothing stores. All I wanted was a cute cap with a little brim but couldn't find one for less than $20. So, I decided to make one.

03 December 2016

Santa's Baby Elf Hat

This Christmas, I wanted to make my baby a Scandinavian elf hat for taking our family holiday photos.

This hat is modeled after the hats from Finland that I used to wear as a child. These hats are a little longer than a typical Santa hat and do not have a white cuff. I have given instructions below if you want to add a white cuff to your hat.

Sunshine Pineapples Scarf

Sometimes you just need to make something for yourself! I have been wanting a lightweight lace scarf or wrap for a long time.

I was inspired by the pineapple lace made by my great grandmother, but I have no use for a piece of lace. So, I decided to adapt the pattern to make myself a lace scarf. This scarf has just the drape that I have been looking for and is wide enough that, despite its lace pattern, it is reasonably warm when wrapped around my neck.

01 December 2016

Great Grandma's Pineapple Lace

A couple of months ago, my father gave me a box of my great grandmother's needlework. In it I was excited to find this bit of lace edging that she had crocheted. It is beautiful!

15 November 2016

Sea Life - Baby Mobile

I finally finished my Sea Life Baby Mobile!

    And it couldn't have come at a better time. My baby is now 2 months old and starting to recognize his surroundings. This mobile has him mesmerized!

Sea Life - Blue Chromis

Here is the sixth and final animal for my sea life baby mobile: a blue Chromis fish!

12 October 2016

Sea Life - Jellies

Here is the fifth animal for my sea life baby mobile: a pair of jellyfish!

Sea Life - Ochre Sea Star

Here is the fourth animal for my sea life baby mobile: a pair of ochre sea stars!

Ochre sea stars are native to the California coast and come in two colors, orange and maroon. Interestingly, since they are not fish, the marine science community is trying to move away from the popular name "starfish" to the more accurate name "sea star" to describe these animals.

22 September 2016

30 August 2016

Sea Life - Octopus

With a baby on the way, I am excited to make him all the things. One of the first things I set out to make (after the baby blanket, of course!) was a mobile for over his crib and changing table.

Now, I love marine life so I decided to make a sea-themed mobile! Here is the first of many patterns for tiny amigurumi animals that will hang from his mobile.

I decided to start with an octopus!

09 August 2016

Baby's Grandpa Cardigan in Tunisian

In searching for clothing patterns for my little boy, I was very disappointed with the options. Nothing matched the style of what I want for my little boy. So, since I'm having an autumn baby, I set out to make a cute little cardigan for him!

06 July 2016

Retro Baby Dots Blanket

I have some great news! I am pregnant with my first child!
Since I now have an excuse to make all the baby things, you will find a few new patterns for baby-related projects. Of course, one of the first things I had to tackle was the perfect baby blanket. So, I set out to make a simple rainbow-inspired pattern that would look elegant for either a boy or a girl.

22 April 2016

Summer Fans Blanket

Last year, my husband requested a lightweight blanket for the bed during Southern California's hot summer nights.

After perusing my Pinterest feed for inspiration, I came up with the idea of making individual lace panels inspired by Art Deco fan motifs.